After wreaking havoc up north, Paris metalcore masters Betraying The Martyrs came to Southampton’s Joiners to tear the stage and the crowd a new one, this time with back up in the form of Polar. After a successful release 6 months ago, the band released a huge cover of  ‘Let It Go’ from the Disney epic, Frozen. This managed to rack up a massive two million views on YouTube, which blew the already established band even further into the headline spot they deserved.

After some pulse raising sets from Upon This Dawning and More Than A Thousand, it was time for the UK boys in Polar to give their aggressive, more punk-styled metalcore a shot. They seemed somewhat out of place at the show, considering the other bands were much more deathcore orientated as opposed to the hardcore styling of the band. “I know we must sound like Fall Out Boy to you lot!” vocalist Adam Woodford told the crowd, but this didn’t stop the band from pulling out all of the stops, giving an intense and immersive show.

Shortly after it was time for our headline act. This isn’t the first time Betraying The Martyrs had visited The Joiners, they’d ripped up the stage a few months previously with party-hard deathcore crew Born Of Osiris. But with this being their headline show, it was essential they upped their game. Gladly, they were in full force at The Joiners, bringing more chugs than a college frat party.

Eloquent riff after every other drop, the band played a solid set. Playing fan favourite ‘Man-Made Disaster’, The Joiners erupted into a frenzy of violent limb flailing, and synchronised neck-jolting head bangs. Vocalist Aaron Matts pounded his vocal chords with low and high pitched screaming forwarding the songs brutality further, whilst keys and clean vocalist Victor Guillet overlaid his piano parts with skilful singing.

You can’t really expect a lot sometimes when you go to a metalcore show: breakdown, breakdown, verse, singing, breakdown, repeat. But Betraying The Martyrs are one of the few that break through that, using the same old recipe admittedly – but done this precisely, you have no choice to at least bang your head.

Rory Kelly

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