To mark exactly six years since So Far Gone, Drake went ahead and decided to do a ‘Beyonce’ and drop If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late with infinitesimal warning and whilst taking the world by surprise, the question of whether this dark, moody and enigmatic collection of songs is a mixtape or an album still remains.

The release of It’s Too Late has allowed Drake more space to breathe and experiment outside the commercialism of his retail albums. The majority of tracks on It’s Too Late are sculpted similarly to ‘The Language’ from previous record Nothing Was the Same although no obvious single stands out. Drake chose to leave off his previously leaked tracks except the catchiest of them all, ‘6 God’.

Opener ‘Legend’ sets a tone for the tracks that follow, Oh my God, Oh my God If I die I’m a legendover a slow, strange beat. Six years after his rush to fame and Drake already thinking about death made for a curious collection of tracks here.

Drake is further than gone this time around. The majority of tracks on It’s Too Late encompass grousing about being famous over a somewhat dark beat in comparison to the ‘I know you’ll let me fuck you because I’m famous and love hoes’ vibe given off by previous commercialized records. ‘10 Bands’ is Drake stuck in his studio for a week being forced to write music yet the only thing he can write about is how he is stuck in the studio for a week trying to write music and crying about everyone’s expectations of him?

Although, the bitching turns to babbling as ‘You & The Six’ is the best moment of the collection. Whilst Drake spilling out his heart makes him the subject of Internet memes, it’s also when he is at his best. Dedicated to his mother, Sandi Graham, Drake spills the truth on the uncomfortable subjects around a broken home, and it is delightful.

Following is melancholy ‘Jungle’ providing us with some classic emotional Take Care-like Drake sulking about love and acts as a brilliant wind-down for the rest of Drake’s rich ranting.

Sarah El-saeidy


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