The growing scene has opened its arms out for local Londoners I Loved, I Hated, who were surprisingly familiar to the stage, despite it being their very first show. The melodic hardcorers acted in a professional manner, as vocalist Paul Becha swamped the floor, letting out beat-down vibrations. Producing infectious melodies that were complemented with cutting-edge riffs, the band built up a great deal of dirty breakdowns that resorted in the crowd forming a pit. Not only were the quintet solid in presence but their remarkable sound was polished to the right tones for a brand new band.

Following such a brutal performance were an opposing band, traveling all the way from Manchester. The Summer War, just a trio of classic rockers, bringing a light bouncy sound to The Garage.  Having a mix of bands on one line up most definitely works, and they proved this by drawing the crowd in with their polished guitar toning and animated performance. Unlike most indie rock bands around, The Summer War have this distinct sound that is heavily backed by intricate guitar riffs that complement their sound exceptionally.

Managing to sell out their headline show, Small Pond Big Fish took to a roaring audience filled with many warm faces from their family and friends. Known to the glowing crowd, the quartet were an instant hit from the very first note banged out from the riveting guitar. In such early years of their career, their live performances were so well composed in every single aspect. From engaging with the audience by sharing a few stories and funny jokes, to bouncing around the stage whipping her hair back and forth, vocalist Iga Tchorz performed in a true rock manner.

‘Strange Thoughts Follow Shadows’ highlighted the band’s varied talent, as its thunderous breakdown created chaos within the crowd. A colossal setlist ended the night with two treasured covers from Fall Out Boy and Nirvana, expanding their hooking music by adding their own twist. Selling out the last day of tour was quite an achievement for the four-piece as it was obvious the band had deserved every bit of attention given from their loyal fans.

Isha Shah

Photo Credit: Joe Sykes

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