Part of the current rock revival, Blackpool’s Darlia certainly make you wonder if they’ve just stepped fresh out of Seattle. The past two years has seen Darlia release two EPs of punchy songs and mini-album Petals is the band’s biggest release to date. With raspy vocals from Nathan Day and scuzzy basslines their debut is incredibly reminiscent of the nineties grunge scene.

‘Stars Are Aligned’ sets off the album beautifully with its infectious riffs and built up anticipation making it one of the best tracks from the album on par with single ‘Dear Diary’. Although slightly more downbeat, its addictive chorus and melody gives it a pop characteristic.

‘Candyman’ was the track that first brought attention to the band’s Nirvana comparisons in early 2014, continuing with this in the album Day takes on a Cobain style swagger with whiney and slurred vocals. Particularly ‘I’ve Never Been To Ohio’ plays on a quiet-loud dynamic, however feels a little repetitive in its chorus.

A rework of ‘Queen of Hearts’ – a song about the Northern Lights, seems uncalled for. The original had an anticipated intro with semi-muted strumming and slurred vocals – a prominent characteristic to the band’s genre. However the 2015 version seems to have lost its rough edge and the enunciation on the vocals has become clearer.

A slower power-ballad ‘Say Your Prayers’ is gentle on the ears and has melancholy tones to it. Following from this, acoustic versions of songs bring a different dimension to Petals. Darlia channel their inner Oasis which is particularly prominent in ‘Pandemonium (Acoustic)’ a track that rawly displays the sheer raspiness to Day’s voice.

Usually there’s a sense of mystery with any new album, however mini eight-track album Petals feels more like a ‘let’s shove all of our singles on to an album with a few acoustics’ record. The album shows to be consistent but not completely original at times. The track listing runs short but does not lack potential and the stunning and successful melody driven tracks makes up for this.

Rosalyn Boder


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