Taylor Barker

To Taylor Barker, “writing music is like therapy.” She uses her lyrics to convey the deep, intricate side to her otherwise private existence. Though her songs still remain ambiguous, her metaphoric writing style enables listeners to interpret her lyrics subjectively, without leaving her directly exposed: “My lyrics are personal, but I want people to have their own connection with the lyrics, instead of telling them how to feel.”

Originally from North West London, Taylor currently resides in Brighton, as a Songwriting student. “I find it really inspiring down here, it’s not weird to be weird, or normal to be normal – if that makes sense!” As well as songwriting, Taylor, now 20, has been playing guitar from the age of 7 – though she almost chucked it all in for Marine Biology in secondary school, over a love of the film Jaws: “… my teachers weren’t very motivational, so I went with music.” From there, she joined the choir, where she started to get comfortable with her voice. Her talents exceed vocals and guitar – “I can also play a bit of piano, and a bit of bass; I wanna work on my bass skills. I also want to be a drummer, I reckon I’d be a cool drummer.”

Her current sound forges a unique connection between soft, yet subtly energetic melodies, which can be likened to artists such as SBTRKT, and mellow indie vocals, more reminiscent of artists such as Lucy Rose or Daughter. But this is no surprise, as Taylor draws her influences from an enormously eclectic mix. “My dad has an insane music collection, so I grew up listening to anything from Ian Dury and The Blockheads, to like, Sade, or Black Sabbath. Connecting with different genres has helped me expand my mind musically.” This is perhaps why she is dubious about labelling her sound, as she believes labels can “narrow your creativity… I just let it flow in my mind, then it can be labelled afterwards.”

Though she still makes efforts to go out socially at least once a week, Taylor strives to prioritise. “I won’t be one of those drunken weirdos that just goes up to random people in clubs.” Instead, she is focused on pushing herself musically. “It’s very work hard, play hard at the moment. It’s time to concentrate.”

Listen to Barker’s ‘Calm’ below:

Georgia Balson

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