Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie – ‘No Room In Frame’

‘You cannot outrun a ghost’ sings ol’ Ben Gibbard on ‘No Room In Frame’, the easing introduction into Death Cab’s imminent Kintsugi. You can just hear the fans’ cheers following Gibbard’s return to his well-documented comfort-zone of bleak lyrical themes of heartbreak and longing after the unusual contentness of life that his marriage to Zooey Deschanel brought on 2011’s Codes & Keys.

The song also enjoys a finer meshing of electronics with the band’s elegant guitar than Codes & Keys ever found as Gibbard asks ‘was I in your way when the cameras turned to face you?’ in that distinctive sigh of his. This last Death Cab record with Chris Walla on board should be a good’un.

James Barlow @BassOddity

Blur – ‘Go Out’

Ultimately a great comeback for the band, Blur‘s latest track ‘Go Out’ really hits the nostalgia factor, bringing you back to the 90s with a classic Britpop feel to it. Distorted guitar and deep bass make up the core of the track’s sound along with space rock synthesizers which give the song eccentricity. At centre stage though is Damon Albarn‘s boy next door vocals. Although simple they enhance the loud, ruckus of chords. The deep and heavy bass gives the song a great groove during the quieter verses before reaching the brash, climatic chorus. While it isn’t catchy enough to become a classic like ‘Girls and Boys’ or ‘Song 2’, it still has that quirky charm that their fans have come to know and love about their music.

Megan McMillan

Lindstrøm & Grace Hall – ‘Home Tonight’

LCD Soundystem’s James Murphy once said that his version of the standard three and a half minute pop song was probably closer to five and a half. Norwegian cosmic disco maestro Lindstrøm on the other hand manages to trim his spacey epics to more digestible nine minute chunks when he aims for pop as on ‘Home Tonight’.

Skin Town’s Grace Hall is enlisted for the odd spare vocal sample but the focus of the track is undoubtedly the building array of instrumentation and the song’s infinitely intensifying groove. Before it’s over you’ve witnessed a vocal breakdown, a classic house piano motif and a fizzing climax.

James Barlow @BassOddity

Warpaint – ‘No Way Out (Redux)’

American indie rock band Warpaint have revealed a new song that is going to be “the first in a series of new songs being released this year.”

This latest offering is classic Warpaint. All the ingredients are there: reverb soaked vocals, gentle psychedelic guitars and a strong groove. In terms of mood, the song is fairly gloomy but not as much as last year’s ‘Love Is To die’.

Anyone who has enjoyed the band’s last two albums will love this track. It follows the exact same formula as said albums.

Overall, Warpaint’s sound is very likable and distinct so it’s no surprise that they haven’t tinkered about with it too much on this song.

Joel Hernon @HernonJoel

Towkio – ‘Free Your Mind (feat. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment)’

You’ve got to feel sorry for most of the guys in Chicago’s Save Money collective. Chance The Rapper is an ever-growing phenomenon patiently biding his time before his first official album and Vic Mensa is now showing up on Kanye West cuts which will surely only do amazing things for his own blossoming solo career. How can the rest of Save Money possibly step out of those shadows?

Well Towkio’s answer comes in the form of the slinky energy injection of ‘Free Your Mind’. It’s an irresistible earworm of a track that combines Nile Rodgers-inspired guitar stabs with Donnie Trumpet’s unmistakably agile horns over Towkio’s effortless vocoder-clad voice. With more gems like this it shan’t be too long before Towkio becomes the third Save Money alumni to hit the big time, freeing the minds of the masses.

James Barlow @BassOddity


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