Australian twins Jessica and Lisa Origliasso make up The Veronicas, who are now signed with Sony Music after trying to get off their old label, Warner Music. Since their last album release they were able to create their third album, which is self-titled. This record brings in different dynamics and a mix of different sounding tracks, but still keeps with their old rock sounding vibes that were in their second album Hook Me Up, and in their first, The Secret Life Of.

The new album has hidden messages behind each song. The singles that have come from this record are ‘You Ruin Me’, a soft ballad about love and hurt, and ‘If You Love Someone’, which shines a powerful message. Another new song, ‘Did You Miss Me (I’m A Veronica)’, is about the twin’s come back to the music world and to those who didn’t believe in them, this is their ‘in-your-face’ song.

While some of the songs are upbeat like ‘Mad Love’ and ‘Cruel’, others are dark and take a different route. The song ‘Cold’ is brutally emotional, and not the average track you would expect to hear from the twins. The lyrics are hard hitting to the chest and there is pain in their vocals.

The last song of the record, ‘You and Me’, is light in the sense that there is no love or darkness. It is about themselves and growing up as kids. This is a great note to end their album on.

Gabbi Marsden


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