Fronted by songwriter Jacob Scott, Pale Seas are undoubtedly one of Southampton’s brightest hopes. After releasing EP Places To Haunt to impressive acclaim, the band will be returning to the Isle Of Wight to finalise their debut album this month. Of the eleven or so strong tracks, ‘My Own Mind’, originally undersold as a B-side, should be “the one that will stand the test of time.” Visa permitting, they’ll then take on South by South West in March, before touring with the release of the album.

Describing their sound as “psych folk with a tinge of dream pop”, there’s a clear identity to their music, yet a yearning to still sound more like themselves remains. This authentic expression drives a pursuit to look back in sixty years and be proud of, something they hope “people will eventually show to their kids.”

There’s a cool serenity to both Scott and the band’s music, which he suspects grew from his Netley origins, where he would pass the still sea each day to and from school. While the washy, soothing and reverb soaked sound was nurtured at home, the loneliness of his London residence developed an introspective set of lyrics.

Aided by the inspiration of working in a record shop, the writing has been inspired by Gene Clark, Karen Dalton and Jim Sullivan to name a few. From other influences like Daniel Johnston and Elliot Smith, Scott explains the sadder songs “are the ones that I relate to, and understand.” As the songwriter, he finds nocturnal writing sessions bring a “heightened sense of awareness” usually resulting in working until it’s light outside. Songs like the brilliant ‘Evil Is Always One Step Behind’ are scribbled onto Tesco receipts and transformed into songs that have convinced The War On Drugs and The Lemonheads to take notice.

As a south coast band, they’re proud to be a part of an emerging scene. “It’s changing in Southampton, it’s starting to work out its identity – right now it’s the perfect place for a band to start out.”

Tobias Pugh

Photo: Hollie Fernando

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