“Is anyone drunk yet? I wanna see a fucking circle pit, it’s Saturday,” Jamie Hall – the vocalist of Tigercub – orders a packed-out crowd.  From supporting Dinosaur Pile Up to being hand-picked support by British rockers Royal Blood, Tigercub have now earned the privilege of headlining their own tour beginning at Southampton’s Lennons.

No need for fancy intros, the Brighton trio get straight into it. Part of the grunge rock revival, the three piece take on a Nirvana style persona with Jamie singing rasping vocals under thick strands of hair. The seven feet tall leading man towers above the crowd with his head practically meeting the ceiling. A great performance of single ‘Blue Blood’ has a burst of sleazy guitars and slurred vocals. Jamie then shares vocal screams “We get along!” during ‘Trendsetter’ with bassist Jimi Wheelwright displaying that the band are in fact multitalented.

Introducing a new track ‘Still & Nothing’, the band get a positive response from the audience. The Brighton rockers then play their latest single ‘Centerfold’ that was produced by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Band of Skulls). It opens with a beating bass followed by a melody very reminiscent of Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ but with a rougher edge. Tigercub finish off their droney, feedback-filled show with ‘I am Special’ which they’ve written on their setlist: ‘I am $pesh’, the fast-paced track is driven by Wheelwright’s deep bass and whining vocals that would remind you of Pulled Apart By Horses’ early stuff.

Ending the show in true rock ‘n’ roll style, James takes one of his cymbals and slides it all the way down Jamie’s guitar producing a tonne of feedback and distortion. Tigercub prove to be incredibly promising considering they have enough material to play almost an hour long show without an album release to date.

Rosalyn Boder

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