sam carter architects

A year ago today (14th March), Architects were playing down the road at London’s Koko. Now they are playing a sold out show at the The Roundhouse in Camden.

The four young lads are some of the hardest working musicians and to celebrate this, Architects brought back three outstanding talents from America and Canada. Not particularly impressed by Jordan Buckley (Guitarist of Every Time I Die) throwing up at the end of their set (as done on every single night of tour). However, Bless The Fall picked up energy levels with Beau Bokan continuously leaping around, but his childish japes were getting a bit too old for a man that age.

Counterparts had finally returned after two years to a roaring audience. From the second the band started playing, it was apparent that they had mastered their sound. Storming the stage in aggressive shouts, vocalist Brendan Murphy produced perfectly balanced tones, complimenting their skilled sound. Filled with breakdowns and heavy riffs, the band put on a show, debuting a new track ‘Burn’ that went down well with the crowd.

Trying to hold the tears back, Sam Carter expressed how thankful he was, to be playing here. “This is Architects biggest show to date, but the people on this stage aren’t as important than every single one of you who are here” he said as he pointed around the venue filled with bodies. Carter speaks from the heart, as what was once a dream had now become reality.


‘Broken Crosses’ broke all silence, causing outbursts of bodies to fly around the room. Now filled with thousands of screaming voices echoing Carter’s own, Architects were back with a remarkable performance, showcasing some of their finest work yet.

Starting off their set with their latest record, Lost Forever// Lost Together, ‘C.A.N.C.E.R’, ‘The Devil Is Near’ and ‘Naysayer’ all proved to be massive hits with the audience. The band’s animated presence highlighted their growing talent that was apparent at all Architects shows. Amplifying their loud djenty music, the four-piece left no awkward silences, taking care of everyone in the room with their compelling voices.

Finally showing off their most treasured work, ‘These Colours Don’t Run’, ‘Follow The Water’ and ‘Devils Island’, the band stole the show with these classic tunes. Drawing a close to the heightened atmosphere, the quartet had managed to fill the room with bashful blasts and heavy drops that got everyone pumped with energy. This endless source of adrenaline didn’t stop until they were begged for an encore, ending a glorious show with ‘Gravedigger’.

Words and Photo Credit: Isha Shah


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