After being out of the limelight for three years, Marina has made a huge comeback showing that she doesn’t just rely on big singles to give her a boost, but her own quirkiness.

New album Froot shows that pop can be smart with meaning and not just a throw away genre filled with mindless dance tracks. Diamandis has carved 12 colourful tracks that are an eccentric mix of indie, house and pop that for the most part has an incredibly optimistic vibe to it. Think of Florence and the Machine entwined with a Katy Perry style voice alongside Lady Gaga‘s unique style of electro and you get the gist of her sound. Despite the bold sounds, Diamandis’ original voice shines through above everything, not to mention her relatable and confrontational lyrics that scream intelligence.

Songs like ‘Better than That’ has a strong personality and serves as a feminist statement that woman deserve better from a man while also encouraging woman to be their own individual person. ‘Happy’ is one of the most optimistic tracks with a haunting piano melody – it’s got an aura of hope and talks about the most important things in life which Diamandis preaches in her emotive hymn – being happy with yourself. The appropriately titled finale track, ‘Immortal’ is a romanticised tune about the human desire to be immortal. The music really enhances the lyrics with the ambience creating a heavenly soundscape.

Ultimately, Froot is Marina and the Diamonds’ best work yet. The album has a great, summery atmosphere and the lyrics make the music both genuine and upbeat. It’s one of the most exciting albums to come out of the pop genre. It has that same originality as Lady Gaga and Madonna, yet the simplicity of the music brings everything back down to earth.

Megan McMillan


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