A thunderous storm hit the O2 Guildhall, Southampton as the Pennsylvanian hard rockers, Halestorm, hit the stage. A swarm of excitement was built up during both the support acts’ (Wilson, Nothing More) sets. Wilson presented the audience with a raw and rowdy performance, while Nothing More gave something a little more technical with cool guitar tricks and an awesome moody light show.

The atmosphere was tangible when the red and black drapes fell down, signifying the headliners were soon to appear. The crowd eventually beckoned Halestorm to the stage with their eager chants and they finally started their show with an explosive drum beat that filled the room from Arejay Hale, then Josh Smith, Joe Hottinger and finally Lzzy Hale walk on the stage beginning the set with their dark feminist anthem, ‘Mz Hyde’.

Halestorm pieced their set list together well starting off by playing some of their uptempo bangers such as ‘It’s Not You,’ and ‘Rock Show’ to get the crowd pumped and their feet off the floor. Then they took it slow by pulling out tracks like ‘Gold Dust Woman’ by Fleetwood Mac and the rock ballad, ‘I Hate it When You See Me Cry.’ Despite having a cold Lzzy managed to sing her heart out to those big choruses, but she did rely on the crowd a lot in songs like ‘I Get Off’, though it’s a fan favourite and the crowd all pulled together for a big sing along!

The band also included their three new tracks from their upcoming album, Into the Wild Life such as ‘Amen’, ‘Apocalyptic’ and ‘Mayhem’ which worked particularly well live what with the fist-pumping punk rock quality of the track. About halfway between the set, everyone except for Arejay exited the stage as he performed a killer drum solo getting the audience to sing along to separate famous rock tracks like Kiss’ ‘Crazy, Crazy Nights’ and The White Stripes infamous ‘Seven Nation Army’. His drum solo was one of the most enjoyable moments of the show. By this point, the atmosphere was electric.

Don’t be fooled by the youthful image of the band; Halestorm have truly perfected the art of performing. They came on stage looking glam with Lzzy’s bright rouge lips and trousers half-ripped down the middle yet they managed to play their tracks with perfection.

Megan McMillan

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