The latest (and possibly last?) in Death Grips’ sonic portfolio needs no introduction (do u even internet bro). Illicitly leaked in true Death Grips fashion, Jenny Death, the second and final instalment in The Powers That B saga is the bang we’ve all been waiting for Death Grips to go out on.

If there’s one complaint that this reviewer could level against the Sacramento mentalists last couple of releases is that they were just that bit too anarchic, straddling the wrong side of the experimental spectrum as the chaotic charm of their earlier releases seemed to have been lost in a labyrinth of twisted creative overload. Jenny Death does not, in any way suffer from this over-experimental problem however, this is the sound of Death Grips streamlined and summarized, but not yet diluted.

The violent audial corruption that seeps through the album is most certainly Death Grips, the walls of electronic noise and unnerving synth lines perfectly complement a venomous application of man of the hour MC Ride’s static, stream of consciousness flows, perfectly complementing the chaotic, off kilter, breakbeat laden groove on offer throughout the 9 track album. Opener ‘I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States’ is a good starting point channels walls of distorted noise into an almost breakbeat-y interpretation of early 80s UK hardcore in the vein of Discharge and Chaos UK trying to cover Atari Teenage Riot on some horrible drugs.

Quality of the album aside, it’s probably a good thing that this is the last album Death Grips will be putting out, the groups music simply isn’t designed for prolonged development and whilst Jenny Death represents them perhaps at their creative peak, to go on after this would surely be somewhat of a sell-out move for the group. Even their so called ‘leak’ has been accompanied by a tirade of ‘listen to and stream our album here’ record company bullshit on the post, in much the same way as the punk scene of the 1970s, the cracks in Death Grips anachronistic vision are beginning to show and if the group don’t pack it in for good now, their legacy as the violently creative mouthpiece of the internet generation will permanently be under threat.

Richard Lowe


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