There are two things that are cool about Fozzy, one is their sick hard rock sound, and two is that they are fronted by one of the biggest names in WWE, Chris Jericho. Fozzy brought their American rock n roll to the cold shores of Southampton one evening in March and they rocked the house down.

Dendera were the first on. Their crunchy, new wave of British heavy metal sound went down well with the crowd and started building up the crowd building up a good atmosphere! Things started getting a bit more dramatic when the Welsh rockers, The Dirty Youth stepped on the stage. You could tell that they had already built up a strong following by the excited crowd chanting their name. Their eccentric lead singer, Danni Moore took the spotlight firmly, signing loudly into the microphone, jumping up and down the stage, and occasionally onto the barrier to greet the audience. They ended their set with a killer cover of the politically charged, ‘Killing in the Name’ by Rage Against the Machine that everyone sang along and banged their heads too.

Before long, it was finally time for Fozzy to appear. As the lights went down a remixed version of Black Sabbath‘s ‘War Pigs’ that the whole crowd sung their heart out too. Not long after, the band members started walking on stage, including the one and only Chris Jericho, who entered the room wearing a lit up jacket that was the personification of his inner performer. The epic introduction blended into one of the band’s biggest hits, ‘Do you Want to Start a War’ then manoeuvring into ‘Tonight’ and ‘To Kill a Stranger.’

Fozzy saved the real crowd pleasers for later playing the bass driven ‘Lights go Out’ and the sick ‘Bad Tattoo.’ The band even pulled out a cover of Abba‘s SOS, which Jericho got a whole bunch of metal heads to sing along and mosh too! Rather than going of stage and getting the crowd to beckon them back for an encore, Jericho fooled around with that stereotype and the band covered themselves in white sheets getting the crowd to pretend they weren’t there, then cheered enough to take them off and start playing their encores! To close the show they played the incredibly catchy, modern rock anthem ‘Sandpaper’ and a cover of AC/DC‘s ‘Eat the Rich.’ During the encore Jericho threw himself in the crowd and the excitement was at an all time high. You could see jealous looks beaming from those who didn’t manage to get that close to him.

Despite the small crowd it felt as though the band were playing an arena. They were so energetic and had great band, audience interaction that kept the crowd chanting ‘Fozzy’ after every song. Jericho was definitely the centre of attention with his flamboyant persona coming alive in the light. Ultimately, Fozzy are worth checking out if you want a pure rock n roll show.

Megan McMillan

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