General Press Shot

“Big up The Enemy, nice boizzzzz,” shouts frontman Martin Saunders of the boisterous The Twang, who share a stage with The Enemy. As Martin spits beside the stage, and a crowd member yells “what a f**king sausage fest!” the laddish behaviour begins, which will no doubt surf across the rest of the evening.

Before The Enemy even arrive on stage, mosh pits are circulating, squeezing masses of testosterone into the air. As The Enemy proudly struts across the stage, everyone screams while the band lap up the attention. The Enemy are the oddest-looking band, with the no real style – “they have never really been in vogue”. The underdog rock stars show there’s no need for a fancy appearance; the electronic sound coming from the stage is enough to send the crowd into complete ore.

The band couldn’t look any more innocent, but their songs are screaming in arrogance and attitude. Beginning their set with ‘Aggro’, couldn’t shout this more if they tried. The beer being thrown around is torrential, the few women that there are, are pushed to the sides so the men can go wild. The crude line from Technodanceaphobic, “Banging on the backseat” was a crowd favourite, the audience and Tom, Liam and Andy themselves, scream the words back and forth to each other creating a massive uproar.

As their last album release was in 2012 with Streets the Sky, every song that is played is one the crowd knows every word to. It’s only ‘Magic’ a new single the band had only performed a couple of times before. It gave the crowd a chance to step back (instead of going crazy) and hear the band for how astounding they are.

The band finishes on ‘You’re Not Alone’, a first album favourite. Of course the mosh pits are still going, people falling to the ground yet popping back up like daisies so they don’t miss any of the last minute action. Despite coming away with deafened ears, the lasting memory of the night is well worth it.

Eleisha Wightman

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