The landmark British dance group, The Prodigy, from Braintree, Essex, now have six studio albums to their name. The Day is My Enemy is their first album since 2009’s epic Invaders Must Die. Their recent work shows how much the band’s music has progressed from their abrasive dance tracks from the 90s to now where there music has evolved into something a lot more aggressive and intelligent. The Prodigy have always been a band that have always been a band that have been experimenting with different sound yet and this album has a lot of that, but a more modern feel to it.

Expect cool synthesizers, kick ass bass and banging melodies throughout. All the impressive modern technology the band have used give it a futuristic feel. Electro and drum and bass seem to be the main styles blasted in this album, but there is still that confrontational punk rock attitude that give the album political connotations. It comes from the raw anger that Liam Howlett has produced from within. From the explosive, head banging guitar strikes to sharp and snappy synthesizers that get your head moving without being able to stop! The Prodigy may be broadcasting a much darker side to dance music, but it’s still catchy stuff.

The Day is My Enemy is all killer no filler. From the three singles that are some of the most exciting dance tracks in years with memorable drum beats and wicked rthyms, to the more obscure, edgy tracks like ‘Invisible Sun’ and ‘Medicine’ that perpetuate a serious tone. Some tracks are more in your face and energetic like ‘Rock-Weiler’ and ‘Ibiza ft. Sleaford Mods’ that definitely have the most enticing melodies. The Prodigy are consistent with the quality of sounds in this album until the very end and closes with the heaviest track of them all, ‘Wall of Death,’ that is so epic it could end up as the band’s next rebellion fuelled anthem.

Bands like The Prodigy prove time and time again that dance music can be important and have an impact and not just a genre filled with mindless tracks about getting drunk and hooking up with girls. But while the band are one of the more seriously taken in the dance genre, their bombastic beats, deep bass and hard vocals give the music a fun atmosphere as well. It’s only Spring of this year and already one of the greatest albums of the year has been released! The Prodigy have yet to release a bad album and this has to be one of their most groundbreaking.

Megan McMillan


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