Cherry_Bomb_Tyler_the_Creator 2After years of antagonising the music world with his overtly offensive lyrics and his gravelly vocal delivery, Tyler, The Creator is back with his third album. On the face of it, Cherry Bomb is drastically different to anything else Tyler has done. He’s over being sad and angry and he’s ditched the self-absorption he showed on Wolf in place of a much more playful sound.

To say that Tyler the Creator was ever supposed to be taken seriously is a joke in itself – he’s an artist whose every word you should take with a large pinch of salt. The gimmick of being a massive wind up merchant can only get you so far, but where do you go from there?

It seems like Tyler didn’t have a whole heap to say with this album. Multiple tracks of wish-wash beats and floating vocals results in an awful lot of nothing songs. With that said, from the punchy guitars of ‘Deathcamp’ to the obnoxious crackle of title track, Tyler, The Creator demonstrates his constant desire to do the unexpected, or at least the undesired. Tired of the angry and solemn picture he’d painted for himself, Tyler has taken this album to show that he will not have expectations to live up to, he does what the f**k he wants.

Cherry Bomb hits the chill buzz level just right: it’s mellow end to end, it will make you laugh out loud and it’s as bewildering as anything you’ve heard yet. Get ready to change your perception of Tyler, The Creator, again.

Callum Cornwell  @CallumJack93


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