“Smell the neck of the person in front of you.” Vocalist Adam Carroll screams to a packed crowd at Camden’s Barfly. It’s the last date of Zoax’s UK tour with Dead, and things are about to get a whole lot weirder.  Known for their outrageous performances and howling noises, Zoax are a relatively new rock band from London, set out to cause mass destruction.

With the recent release of their brand new EP, Is Everybody Listening, quiet chants of their lyrics are muttered, as they appear one by one on the bluely tinted stage. Matched with a DIY presentation of their own, fairy lights decorate the stage, spelling out the letters Z.O.A.X. Now the five members are on stage, fashionably on time, ‘Lonely Souls’ sweeps in, causing a twist in what was once a still atmosphere. Carroll’s vocals are sharply blasted before they return to a smoothened halt in the verses, as it glides in a whispering touch. As he constantly contrasts between the rough and delicate patterns, his body reflects these tones in various shapes.

The band celebrates their latest release by playing it in full, with six monstrous tracks that follow diverse patterns. ‘Click’ blasts in with plummeting vocals that are now matched by the vigorous guitars, forming groovy riffs.

In the two years of forming, the band are in no way shy of involving themselves with the crowd. Carroll proves this by ramming himself into the crowd’s pathway, brushing heads and peeping up behind innocent targets. You are never safe at a Zoax gig. If looks could kill, then everyone in the venue would drop down, as his picturesque expressions poured passion for the words he screams.

Randomly, Carroll picks up an acoustic guitar and made his way to the bar, jumping onto it and silencing the crowd with a “Shhhhhhh” every time someone tries to speak. He then begins to strum out the first chords of ‘Innocent Eyes’ while singing ever so softly. This acoustic set halfway through their show was not expected, as the darted eyes of the audience were hooked to his gaze.

Zoax are not just a band who put on one hell of a show, but one who provides entertainment. Between each song and tuning, jokes and stories are shared, as Carroll charms the audience with his fascinating disposition. Finishing one song to the next, Zoax play their history of tracks in its entirety before co-front man from Baby Godzilla, and good friend Jonny Hall makes an appearance on stage, now joining Carroll on vocals. The two friends prance around, screaming their lungs out in unity, as they close the set with high-energy blasts.

Isha Shah

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