Hudson Mohawke

 Hudson Mohawke – ‘Ryderz’

Hudson Mohawke is perhaps best known to most people as one half of the bombastic trap duo TNGHT and he has spoken out recently on his desire to distance himself from that sound which he saw fast becoming a parody of itself. The two glimpses of his upcoming second LP entitled Lantern that we’ve seen so far, ‘Very First Breath’ and this, ‘Ryderz’ see him doing just that rather elegantly.

Displaying a clear J Dilla influence or perhaps inspired by some of his buddy Kanye West’s older work ‘Ryderz’ is built upon a sample of the shining melody hook and instrumentation from DJ Rogers’ 1973 soul classic ‘Watch Out For The Riders’. The pitched-up vocals continue throughout the track as Mohawke piles on more booming drums and messes with the melody in some wonderful ways.

James Barlow @BassOddity

Professor Stephen Hawking – ‘The Galaxy Song’

It’s common knowledge that Stephen Hawking is a certified scientific genius and has a brilliant sense of humour, so it seems quite fitting that the former Cambridge University Professor should cover Monty Python’s ‘The Galaxy Song’.

The light-hearted piece, originally penned by comedian Eric Idle, seems like it was written specifically for Hawking, perhaps why he chose to do the cover. It’s catchy and cheesy nature creates the perfect concoction for a song that will educate it’s listeners in a fun way and will no-doubt be used by science teachers across the world due to Hawking’s scientific credibility.

Martha Gregory

Samantha Urbani – ‘1 2 3 4’

‘1 2 3 4’ sees Samantha Urbani more energised than she ever dared to show when she was in short-lived group Friends and it’s a good look for her. By abandoning the swaggering cool of her previous band in a bid to embrace a more straight-to-the-point pop song that struts by atop punchy drums, dancing bongos and a wall of Urbani’s agile vocals.

Along with Friends bassist Matthew Molnar providing the song’s slinky groove, a key participant that must be acknowledged is of course Dev Hynes who seems to be on a roll right now after crafting great tracks with Heems, Carly Rae Jepsen and Jessie Ware with what has become his signature set of R&B timbres and exotic percussion. In arranging the track, Hynes returns the favour after decorating his latest Blood Orange record with Urbani’s vocals. No doubt he’ll have a hand in Urbani’s solo record also as the two only seem to make magic together.

James Barlow @BassOddity

Honeyblood – ‘The Black Cloud’

Being released exclusively for Record Store Day, and limited to only 750 copies, ‘The Black Cloud’ sees Scottish duo Honeyblood deliver their usual burst of exciting crunch-pop.

An astute mix of genres and times leaves the track laced with the sounds of Hole and The Breeders, which would see it fit perfectly into the early 2000s, as well as that of modern artists such as Wolf Alice.  The song builds fairly continuously with the melodic vocals of Stina Tweedale developing into grungy Kurt Cobain-esque screams, raspy and raw, before the final round of dulcet “All we want to see is blue skies”.

A fun and animated song that manages to be gritty and uplifting, ‘The Black Cloud’ is a catchy, festival-ready track, that already sounds like a summer anthem.

Adriane Goron @adriannegoron

The Tallest Man On Earth – ‘Dark Bird Is Home’

Kristian Matsson – aka The Tallest Man On Earth – looks set to continue his musical evolution on upcoming third record Dark Bird Is Home and if this title-track as well as the previously released ‘Sagres’ are anything to go by it’s going to a pretty, pretty ol’ thing.

‘Dark Bird Is Home’ begins as a small, breezy – and vaguely medieval-sounding – acoustic ditty that isn’t much of a departure from his earlier output. The real magic of it however arrives further into the song when it transforms into a gorgeous, layered beast that floats on to the track’s easing conclusion.

James Barlow @BassOddity

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