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Giorgio Moroder – ‘Tom’s Diner (feat. Britney Spears)’

Since his re-emergence on Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories, it’s been difficult to suppress the joyous notion of Giorgio Moroder putting pop music through disco-laden, 120BPM paces once again. So far, he’s two for two on stand out releases from his upcoming album 74 Is The New 24 – the electrifying ‘Right Here, Right Now’ with Kylie Minogue thankfully shares nothing but a namesake with the song by Fatboy Slim, whilst his collaboration with Sia on the delightfully throwback ‘Deja Vu’ puts modern discotheque revivalists to deepest shame. It’s somewhat of a pity then that Moroder’s most daring venture since his return – a trip to ‘Tom’s Diner’ accompanied by pop legend Britney Spears – is soiled by a low quality leak, but the final result is no less impressionable for it.

Whilst those with a millennial (or ignorant, depending on how snobbish you’re feeling) mindset will no doubt recognise the opening refrain from its sampled use on Fall Out Boy‘s ‘Centuries’ rather than its source material, Moroder’s signature electronic flourishes and pumping percussion truly thrust the song into the 21st century. Despite a shaky few years with some questionable career moves – a short-lived, will.i.am assisted foray into EDM remains an ungainly eyesore in her otherwise impressive discography – Britney’s icy vocals also prove to be an ideal match for the cybernetic disco funk Moroder utilises to reassemble the classic Suzanne Vega track.

Joshua Pauley @PutUp0rShutUp

Weezer – ‘Everybody Needs Salvation’

Originally released as a gift on 7” vinyl to members of the bands fan club, ‘Everybody Needs Salvation’ has now surfaced online, and thank God it did!

Beginning as an acoustic track, the song gradually builds into what becomes a conclusion of truly epic proportions, with soaring high notes and impressive guitar riffs. The hooks are infectious, and the track sees Weezer deliver their best pop-rock, leaving listeners to only wonder how it didn’t make it onto their ninth album.

Weezer prove that they are a band still capable of writing hits, and when they go out on tour in June, their set would be incomplete without such a memorable song as this.

Adrianne Goron @adriannegoron

Lianne La Havas – ‘Unstoppable’

Since she first burst onto award shortlists in 2012 for her debut Is Your Love Big Enough? Lianne La Havas has kept a fairly low profile – becoming Prince’s new best friend aside. Until now however as ‘Unstoppable’ marks the first taste of La Havas’ upcoming second record Blood.

‘Unstoppable’ dials La Havas’ nimble guitar work down in favour of a gorgeous wall of sound of floaty strings and keyboards that are held together by a grounding bassline. The arrangement wouldn’t feel out of place in some kind of big budget movie and La Havas’ voice, seemingly gliding through the sky, sounds as flawless as ever. Prepare for that new album because with more songs like this, I’m not sure she can be stopped to be honest.

James Barlow @BassOddity

IBUKI X Kalko – ‘Park Day With Bae’

SoundCloud collectives today exist in their droves, but only a token few possess both the communal spirit and intricate musicianship required to poke their heads through the cloud’s restraints and have a wider impact. BAEWAVE are certainly one of those token few – they’re an ingenious collective full of ingenious producers with an ingenious name that takes two semi-worn internet buzz words and melds them together to create a moniker for electronic music that’s warm-hearted, personable and at times laced with a fragility. Having observed their growth from just under 500 followers to almost 3,000 in the space of a few months (and after constant mentions of their name during conversations with the rest of the editorial team), it finally felt time to publicly express my adoration for BAEWAVE – even if it just via a single track write-up for now.

‘Park Day With Bae’ serves as a sugarcoated collaborative effort between the collective’s members IBUKI and Kalko, both whom possess the versatility to produce tracks that toy with the feels alongside menacing trap-inspired monsters (just imagine Gucci Mane spitting cold bars from the cell over Kalko’s ‘CAME THRU LOOKING CLEAN’ beat – that’d be pure savagery right there). It’s also probably the cutest track you’ll ever find that manages to get away with wedging in a sample of the infamous chant from Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘Swimming Pools’. That song’s about the demons of peer pressure and alcoholism, by the way. Have a great day, week, month and year with bae.

Joshua Pauley @PutUp0rShutUp

Jordan Bratton – ‘Prisoner (feat. Chance The Rapper)’

‘Prisoner’ sounds somewhat holier (don’t let that word put you off) than anything Jordan Bratton has released thus far.  The song plods along with a rhythmic blanket of vocals while Bratton paints a picture of a rather disenfranchised li’l lady who by the sounds of things needs to tone down the partying a tad.

Rising emcee Chance The Rapper contributes one of his more restrained performances also, lending the track star power without detracting from Bratton’s agile voice which at certain moments here even channels a 20/20 Experience-era Justin Timberlake.

An exciting new direction for the man, where he goes from here could be very interesting indeed.

James Barlow @BassOddity

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