It’s hard to believe that Pennsylvanian born hard-rockers, Halestorm, have just released their third album to date, Into the Wild Life. The band have grown so much both musically and in terms of their popularity. After seeing them on their recent UK tour which they completed in March, it really is a shame that they hadn’t released their latest album beforehand. Because some of their newer material sounds like it’s fit for live venues what with the big choruses and swooping power chords.

Fans had already gotten a taste of what the new album has to offer with the five tracks released including the awesome singles ‘Amen’, ‘Apocalyptic’ and ‘Mayhem’ but they didn’t know that the rest to come was an awesome ride of sick riffs and emotional ballads. Okay they probably did if their last two albums are anything to go by. Into The Wild Life is at the core a hard-rock album but with so many hooks and melodies that are reminiscent of the glam rock era, there is definitely a radio friendly vibe to these tracks. But that’s not to say that it isn’t good, it’s great. Lzzy Hale along with her brother Arejay, Joe Hottinger and Josh Smith are some of the best song writers out there.

While there has always been an element of cheese within Halestorm’s music, it works with their style. Particularly with tracks like ‘Dear Daughter’ that has that stereotypical piano based ballad sound and ‘Mayhem’ having stand out punk rock elements. The way that everything flows together sounds as though they’re musical geniuses that can come up with catchy, solid rock tracks off the spot. Once again Halestorm have come up with several new anthems for their freaks like ‘I Like it Heavy’ and ‘I am the Fire’ which probably obtains the most memorable chorus of the album.

Into the Wild Life may not be the most ground breaking record of all time but it is a selection of flawlessly written, loud and epic rock songs that will get stuck in your head after the first listen which keeps you going back for more, however. After the irresistibly addictive sounds of their last album, The Strange Case Of… it doesn’t compare. It’s not a bad effort by any means, but it doesn’t quite have that raw quality and hard rock edge that previous works had. It often sounds like Five Finger Death Punch would if they sold out. But their evolved sound is also something that grows on you. Regardless, Halestorm fans will not be disappointed.

Megan McMillan


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