Braids_Deep_In_The_Iris_artwork.jogBeginning its conception concurrently with predecessor Flourish // Perish, Braids‘ third album Deep In The Iris has seen a selection of differing locations in its creation. Presenting some of the tracks on the Flourish // Perish tour before venturing to Arizona, New York and Vermont to complete the album, Deep In The Iris shows Braids undertaking a more developed indie-pop and indietronica course but still holds some of their experimental values.

Braids’ more sleek and purified sounds are made evident through ‘Letting Go’. Powered by a pumping drumbeat, thick bassline, gentle piano chords and floating vocals, which all make reappearance regularly in the album, ‘Letting Go’ exhibits the further indie-pop and indetronica characteristics which Braids’ music embodies.

It becomes noticeable how the majority of tracks are crescendos, increasing in strength and sounds as they progress. This produces songs that become engaging and interesting as the unexpected provides excitement. ‘Miniskirt’, ‘Bunny Rose’ and ‘Warm Like Summer’ are exceptional examples of this.

The album doesn’t stick to straightforward indie-pop or indietronica though. ‘Blondie’, a vertex track, is illustrated by its vigorous drum ‘n’ bass beat, showing experimentation and different approaches being conducted on their third album.

Deep In The Iris displays Braids becoming additionally pop-friendly but still being able to retain qualities seen before. By combining both, Braids create an album bursting with fantastical sounds and allows the unpredicted to be at its core, generating a stimulating and pleasing disposition.

Aaron Jolliff  @AaronJolliff95


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