THE ORDINARY BOYSAfter 8 years out of the limelight, The Ordinary Boys have reappeared on the scene with a newfound drive and passion to create music. The boys have reportedly been reminding themselves of their roots by revisiting influential records and reuniting old friendships; perhaps this is a reason for the decision to name the album The Ordinary Boys. With the addition of former Spectrals guitarist Louis Jones, there’s a sense of ‘reborn attitude’ to the album which lends itself to the authentic pop-punk mood.

‘About Tonight’ kicks off the album in exciting fashion with an infectious beat, setting the tone of a Blink-182 meets Kaiser Chiefs kind of style. Unfortunately it’s easy to see where this is going from the moment the second track ‘Awkward’ sets into motion; it would be understandable to think the opening song was stuck on repeat. Throughout the record this appears to be the case, with songs like ‘I’m Leaving You’ and ‘Cruel’ merging seamlessly into one mish-mash of sound. The album would be painfully mediocre if it weren’t for the fact that there’s a smattering of songs, such as the single ‘Four Letter Word’, that introduce a more varied and interesting prospect. It’s not that anything is particularly poor or boring though, almost every track is in fact rather fun and exciting. Nonetheless, the repetition of power chord led tracks and bouncy Busted beats could begin to take its toll on anyone’s concentration span.

With cultural references like the sound clip from 80s teen comedy ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ and the uncanny resemblance of ‘Disposable Anthem’ to a Smiths track, it is clear that the album hasn’t been forced and is full of songs that are organic and mean something to the Sussex band. There may be no clear attempt to create the next ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ chart topping song, but it’s hard to argue with their motives when the album has been made out of a rejuvenated enthusiasm. Sure, this album won’t go down as the greatest ever but on the whole it’s harmless and fairly enjoyable (possibly more so if you were at a school disco).

Rupert Taylor @0UTATIM3


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