unnamed-10With the dark, dreary and ever so bleak winter drawing near, now is the time for heartwarming summer vibes to be rekindled for a bloody good reminisce of happier times. The four-piece band Little Fevers from Minneapolis’ first full-length debut album gives you the chance to do just that.

Punching in with their lead single ‘Can’t Get Enough’, you’re instantly drafted in to a hefty guitar chug and a beautifully spiritual opening. Possibly the strongest feature of this four-piece are the Feist like vocals that only push you further on this dream like journey that’s about be embarked upon – whether you like it or not. ‘Stones’, the second track on the album is just as magical and when singer Lucy Michelle sings “Don’t let it break your heart” you can’t help but feel your heart can never be broken again. As the album progresses, there is a definite shift in tempo with songs like ‘Parties We Missed’ and ‘Gold’ taking even more of a relaxed approach (if possible) but still oozing with a delightful sense of bliss.

The tempo bursts back up on the single ‘Apple Tree’, which struts in with an opening riff associated normally with the likes of The XX but with a real kick of intent to give you the feel of popping on a cosy pair of slippers, on what will soon be an oh too common winter’s evening. ‘Make It Easy’ is the real diamond of this album, with not only the infectious  warming vocals that spine all the way through but with the rhythmic section more than playing their part in delivering a funky, head bobbing accompaniment. With debut albums rarely coming along as strongly as these, Little Fevers have well and truly made their mark with this absolute bundle of joy.

Andrew Shelley @A_Shelley11


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