tss_album_4000x4000From their previous multi platinum debut album The Trick to Life which caused huge success, on top of their singles such as ‘Worried About Ray’ and ‘Goodbye Mr. A’, The Hoosiers have created a big name for themselves. Therefore an expected buzz has been created for their new album and it lives up to its expectations.

Although their new album The Secret Service didn’t prove as plain sailing as what they expected, some may see this reunion as unanticipated. Many thought that this day would never come yet through the struggles of breaking up and getting back together, whilst also trying to find creativity again, they seem to have escaped their rut.

It is clear that The Hoosiers were ready to regroup as the album has come together effortlessly. Their first track ‘Pristine’ shows excitement for new love with lyrics “She’s so pristine/We are made for each other”. On top of these catchy lyrics and electrifying guitar riffs, you appreciate why the break was taken. This continues throughout the rest of the album. ‘The Wheels Fell Off’ shows us the raw talent this band has as they have magically combined the old and new whilst having progressed into something fresh and exciting.

The Secret Service goes from strength to strength, each song as influential and thrilling as the last. The band seem to have found their sound perfectly, each track showing off Irwin Sparkes impeccable vocals on top of riffs thrown at you from all directions. As soon as you feel like you understand the album they throw tracks such as ‘I Will Be King’, keeping you on your toes throughout.

The Hoosiers seemly had disappeared before, however with this album it is safe to say that they will be around for a while longer.

Sam Maule @SamanthaMaule


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