Children of Bodom’s latest album, I Worship Chaos, is a blast from the past. They’ve really gone back to their routes and are following the melodic death metal style that was the core of one of their legendary albums, Follow the Reaper.

The band aren’t afraid to go headfirst into madness and unleash their insanely heavy music from the get go. ‘I Hurt’ is an introduction to the excellent guitar work that’s featured on the album. While not as raw as their last effort with polished production I Worship Chaos still gives off plenty of impact.

Songs like ‘My Bodom (I am the Only One)’ have bold chorus’s with addictive melodies but enough edge ingrained in the music to give the song force it needs to make it a memorable anthem track. If there’s any reason to listen to this album it’s the amazing musicianship. Despite the departure of long term guitarist, Roope Latvala, there are some stunning and irresistible groves here.

‘Prayer for the Afflicted’ is a darker slow paced song conjured together with passionate guitar and some powerful orchestration. Even though this isn’t fast and furious like the rest of the album it happens to be one of the most powerful tracks on I Worship Chaos.

With an album title that’s as melancholy as I Worship Chaos, there’s immediately an aura of darkness and destruction surrounding it and the album’s title track matches the strong image given by the title. Fitted with machine gun guitar and commanding vocals, the dark tones of the album are portrayed accurately in the lyrics and the music. The songs themselves also follow similarly melancholy themes. ‘Suicide Bomber’ is an unnervingly angry track with a vigorous riff at it’s core and heated growls from Alexi Laiho. Chaos is further demonstrated in the crazy sprawling impressive guitar solos.

Fans of Children of Bodom’s earlier work will definitely appreciate I Worship Chaos because they’ve really gone back to their melodic death metal routes in a fresh modern way. It’s an album with not much diversity but the music still keeps you incredibly engaged. There’s a lot of amazing heavy metal albums that have come out this year making it really is hard to stand out of the crowd but I Worship Chaos does and it’s an album not to be missed.

Megan McMillan 


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