a3545057989_16Entirely funded by his third successful Kickstarter campaign, MC Lars’ new release The Zombie Dinosaur LP is the result of four years of work and you can tell. Self-produced and released under his own label, his new album is a brilliant blend of topical comedy and clever music from a whole range of genres.

The first track ‘Where Ya Been Lars’ is a list of achievements, real and fictional, from his last few years whilst making the album. It sounds like he’s pretty proud of himself, and so he should be; his CV boasts Stanford University, support sets for Nas and Snoop Dogg, as well as three albums and multiple EPs, many of which are entirely self-made. Still, it feels like there’s been a musical progression since his last release The Edgar Allen Poe EP (exactly what it sounds like) as songs like ‘The Dip’ with Kool Keith sound almost Run The Jewels-esque, even with the shredding metal guitar.

True to his style, Lars has dedicated a couple of these new tunes to his literary favourites. ‘Forgot About Jack’ is a tribute to Jack Kerouac, with a flow reminiscent of The Eminem Show and ‘Never Afraid’ is a sweet song dedicated to all the bedtime stories his mum would read him. Lars’ love of words bolsters his extensive vocabulary, and without it perhaps his style of comedic rap wouldn’t be as effective.

‘Hipster Mom’ draws on this last year’s hype over organic foods, ‘Blackfish’ and other “hipster” endeavours and ‘Triforce’, ‘Dragon Blood’ and ‘If I Were A Jedi’ remind us why MC Lars’ style is called “Nerdcore”. There’s multiple shout outs to his obviously devoted fans, as without their $42,000 campaign, this album wouldn’t have happened. Really, The Zombie Dinosaur LP is a tribute to them.

Maddy Hardman @PseudoAgatha


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