Swim_Deep_Mothers_1024x1024Since becoming forerunner’s of the so called ‘B-Town’ movement with their debut album Where The Heaven Are We, Swim Deep’s fan base has exponentially grown. The dreamy, summer sounds of 2013 have left those interested fans waiting in anticipation for what’s to come, so the Brummy lads have had some heavy pressure to perform on their follow up record – and perform they have.

Mothers takes the floaty pop sound at their roots and injects some kind of “pop helium” into it, making a bigger and more explosive pop sound than they’ve ever produced before. With music SO poppy it’s a dangerous walkway, the final single from the album ‘Namaste’ would be borderline cringe-worthy cheese to anyone without any idea that the genius of front man, Austin Williams, could attack a second album with such confidence and daring. In fact, it’s the risky effects and production on this album that make it so exciting and intriguing. Throughout the album the vocals are based around Austin’s soft falsetto which contrasts perfectly with the heavier and fuller sound of numerous synths, guitars and percussion beats. The only times that a strong voice is present is when the surrounding music breaks down and allows it to come front and centre in songs like ‘To My Brother’ and ‘One Great Song And I Could Change The World’.

There’s a certain sense of beautiful recklessness in the consistency of style from start to finish on the album. Amongst the blatant party tracks are slower and more relaxed moments of repose in the form of ‘Green Conduit’ and ‘Forever Spacemen’ which are reminiscent of interlude tracks from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. Nonetheless, there’s never a time on this album where you could think that the Birmingham five-piece are attempting to sound like anyone else or be something they’re not. It actually feels like they’ve discovered a sound which is not only their own but is also unlike anything else on the market right now.

Even if this album doesn’t smash chart records and become worldwide famous, it is definitely a testament to the musical talent which Swim Deep are bound to repeat next time round.

Rupert Taylor @0UTATIM3


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