BWOOD0143CD_LV_Ancient_Mechanisms_Packshot_750_750_75_sAncient Mechanisms, the fourth instalment of LV’s career, is a bizarre mix of jazz style piano and chilled out electronic music.

‘Ruiselede’, the second track on the album, embraces you with open arms of a jazz piano intro (sounding like something that you’d expect to hear in a 5 star restaurant) which slowly embraces a steady drum and snare beat and makes you feel like you’re listening to Thelonious Monk collaborating with Daft Punk.

‘Infinite Spring’ is one for the hipsters with a soft intro of synths bouncing off one another underlaid with subtle sounds of a typewriter in the background. The soft use of synths gives this track that sense of relief you get when spring has arrived and the cold along with the rain finally stop (although this is England) but also gives a feel as though you should be walking around in one of Bethesda Softworks’ video games.

‘Balance of Spring’ sounds like the bigger meaner cousin of ‘Infinite Spring’ with less of a build. Similar to ‘Ruiselede’ with the classic jazz lick on piano, this track quickly throws you off the trail with a keyboard and skit bap bap skoo of jazz drum style.

‘Jump and Reach’ starts off like something from a Vulfpeck EP, slowly escalating into a clearly bebop influenced synth boosted mishmash of catchy keyboard and club drum beats. This track has clearly been built up to get anyone up and moving, yet it subtly drops to give a more of a kick your shoes up and sit down with a cuppa’ vibe.   

Ancient Mechanisms is definitely an album you need to listen to if you’re into the slightly more chilled out electronic music but also show an appreciation for jazz.  

Matt Smith @MatthewJamesSmi


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