itemThe Enemy, the 3 piece indie-rock band from the small city of Coventry, come together again for the release of their fourth album It’s Automatic.

The 11 song album impresses just as much as previous ones, with the introductory song ‘Don’t Let Nothing Get In The Way’ being the usual catchy, yet meaningful, type Tom Clarke always manages to produce. “I am a prisoner in this prison of words/I have no freedom no possessions of worth” he sings in ‘Melody’, telling fans of the troubles he used to face. ‘So Much Love’ opens with synths, before kicking into an unmistakable beat only The Enemy could master.

Despite the catchy riffs and sound of the drums, as the album progresses it’s easy to see that this one has definitely been written straight from the heart. Singing “But it’s our world/And no one can take it away” in ‘Some Things’, Clarke reinforces the soft side of himself that he isn’t afraid to show. The album finishes with ‘What’s A Boy To Do’, a slow, lighter-waving tune about love that has been lost.

Overall, The Enemy have seemingly stuck to a similar, if not the same, method of operation – making catchy beats and creating songs that fans can relate to, ensuring they don’t stray when listening for the first time. Even though the album isn’t very different to their others, there’s no mistaking that they’ve nailed it once again.

Elisha Cloughton @elishacloughton


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