UK producer, Emika, has launched a Kickstarter campaign raising money to record a symphony.

Although she may be most well known for her electronic compositions, it’s no secret that Emika is a classically trained musician. A dab hand at piano, the Berlin-based musician has even recorded a full album of work centred around the instrument. Wanting to step up her game once again, Emika is asking for financial support from her fans in her new project #HowToMakeASymphony.

My first symphony inspired by electronic music, resonant bass, echo concepts, & a beautiful soprano muse,” says Emika via her Kickstarter page, which has already drawn in over half her 20,000 target. “I have attempted to create a fresh sound for the orchestra and a new context beyond the constraints of traditional classical music,” she adds.

Emika plans to perform the composition with the 70-piece Prague Metropolitan Orchestra and Czech soprano singer (and previous collaborator) Machaela Šrůmová at the Czech Radio recording studio in Prague.

As with all Kickstarter projects, donations work with tiered rewards – the more you contribute, the more you receive. Despite intial interest, Emika still has quite a way to go so if you’d like to donate head to the campaign page. In the meantime, check out the video below to learn more about the project directly from the brains behind it.

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