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The Duke Spirit – Blue And Yellow Light

Producing a sound that is becoming increasingly popular, The Duke Spirit are going to be ones to keep an eye out for. With an album dropping in early 2016, things are only going to get better.

‘Blue And Yellow Light’ is brimming with space aged energy and at times some truly hypnotic vocals. Channelling an indie, more likeable, Lana Del Rey, the pure sense of magic and euphoric sounds this song has in abundance will surely be enough to keep you coming back for more.

Andrew Shelley @A_Shelley11


David Bowie – Blackstar

David Bowie has released a snippet of his song ‘Blackstar’ for the new Sky Atlantic series ‘The Last Panthers’ and it’s seriously eerie. It’s hard to decipher much from the 45 second clip, only that it fades out at the wrong time entirely.

Just as the pulsating beat comes in, the volume dips and you’re left in suspense. However, Bowie’s vocal style completely suits the weird parallel 5ths in the melody, like a strange, modern Gregorian chant. You can’t help but feel that the rest of the song will be even more enthralling.

Maddy Hardman @PseudoAgatha


Neon Indian – The Glitzy Hive 

‘The Glitzy Hive’ is the third single released from Neon Indian before the release of their album on 16th October VEGA INTL. Night School.

With no warning you are thrown straight into the mix of the groovy intro consisting of folds of bass synth with a thin layer of high synths and a sprinkle of ‘party’, telling you that you are about to be taken on a trip backwards to the 80’s to let everything go and just…party. These guys know how to keep a party going as the groove is solid throughout, nothing can break through it.

Matt Smith @MatthewJamesSmi


Carrie Underwood – Heartbeat 

Oklahoma’s golden girl Carrie Underwood is back with her new album Storyteller featuring ‘Heartbeat’, a slow-tempo romantic track that again showcases Underwood’s angelic voice.  The Grammy award winner mentions “red wine good times” in this more mature ballad dedicated to her husband.

Underwood has stuck to her roots throughout her career, blossoming through smoother country vocals and keeping her Southern twang unlike present pop-princess Taylor Swift. ‘Heartbeat’ is charming through its simple form and harmony; something that could feature in a future Nicholas Sparks movie. With a catchy relatable chorus, ‘Heartbeat’ may attract more than just her devoted country fans.

Sian Wilson


The 1975 – Love Me 

Numerous teenage girls were more than likely screaming at the fact that the band they have waited for, The 1975, released their first new music in two years.

Including the unsettling alien sounds, which didn’t need to be included, the four piece have re-connected after a long period of silence with intriguing guitar solos and cleverly written lyrics.   

Josh Abraham  


Olly Murs – Kiss Me

Olly Murs is back with his summery funk grooves. Producing well acquainted feel good music, Murs is the quintessential trouble-free teenage-like neighbour.

Murs never seems to change or take any risks. Using repetitive beats and innocent lyrics often well used by other artists, the X Factor contestant seems happy with the same musical recipe.

Overall, this is a song that would be left played in the background without paying much attention to it. Being catchy and monotonously repetitive, Murs is simply a safe guy doing his thing.

Cedric Escoffier @CedricEscoffier


Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$ – Lose Control

Glass Animals and Joey Bada$$ join forces on new track ‘Lose Control’.

An unlikely collaboration but one which has turned out extremely well, English indie rock meets Brooklyn hip-hop in this new song. With intense verses like those found on Joey’s debut B4.Da.$$, this track is a new and fresh sound for the band.

Aimee Wheelhouse @AimeeWheelhouse


Bloc Party – The Love Within

Following an indefinite hiatus, Bloc Party return to the scene in wretchedly disappointing fashion.

‘The Love Within’ displays so little originality and flair that anybody would think the London-based group have run out of ideas. In fact, the opening lyric is taken directly from their 2007 hit ‘The Prayer’ but for a fairly enjoyable hook midway through, this track really doesn’t push any new buttons.

Bland bass-lines and dull drum-beats can only suggest that the band are suffering from the loss of original members Matt Tong and Gordon Moakes.

Rupert Taylor @0UTATIM3


Drug Church – Bagged

Putting a twist on the now over saturated grunge sound, Drug Church deliver ‘Bagged’, the latest single from their upcoming second record Hit Your Head, Greedy.

Vocals vary from a spoken word to shouted and yelped delivery from Kindlon (vocalist of Self Defense Family, the stupidly prolific punk rock collective), mixed within a number of straightforward but fun riffs.

Despite the variety between the cutting vocals and the fairly low end instrumentation, it comes across as cohesive and very easy listening – one to throw a shirt over your head to.

Bill Waters @WillJMW13


Ellie Goulding – Something In The Way You Move 

This week Ellie Goulding released a new song and fan made lyric video for ‘Something In The Way You Move’.

This feel good polished pop tune does make you want to tap your feet together and sing along to the basic and repetitive lyrics. ‘Something In The Way You Move’ harnesses some really catchy harmonies and vocal melodies, making it an easy and enjoyable listen.

Drifting away from Goulding’s previous ballad release ‘Love Me Like You Do’, ‘Something In The Way You Move’ will no doubt be stuck in your head throughout the day – it’s just that infectious.   

Éimer Harper @pxxris


Fightstar – Sink With The Snakes 

Officially marking the end of their hiatus with new album Behind The Devil’s Back, our home-grown alt rock boys Fightstar are once more avidly knocking on metal’s door with new single ‘Sink With The Snakes’ – yet will be left out in the cold with a track that’s heavy rock at best with little new to offer.

Previous album Be Human was heavily tainted by Charlie Simpson’s lackluster vocals – said vocals merely being mildly camouflaged by a melodic chorus and posthardcore screams in this latest single. Poppy in it’s construction, ‘Sink With The Snakes’ is still a long way off being a metal track it could (with a hefty bit of grit, drive and edge) have the potential to be.

Ash Valentine @AshValentine7


5 Seconds of Summer – Hey Everybody!

5 Seconds of Summer’s new single from their upcoming second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, overflows with aggravating wannabe Busted vibes.

The most interesting attribute being that the chorus features a surreal hint of Lost’s (fictional) rock band Drive Shaft and their (fictional) hit ‘You All Everybody’, #5SOS’s latest effort is flimsy even by their standards of pop punk. Usual clichés apply: singalong phrases; ‘In Too Deep’ guitar melodies; feeble talk of “getting some”. If this is what the legacy of Blink-182 has led to, pity this generation of angsty teens. An exclamation point does not make a punk song.

Minnie Wright  @VerifiedMinnie



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