coverCalico, a 5-piece from Brighton, are a band that are bringing a lot to the table. Their debut EP release exhibits an explorative sound with its loungey-jazz drums. This, along with the thick bass lines, trumpets and ambient guitar sections remind you of bands like BADBADNOTGOOD who also experiment with instrumental keys, guitars and jazz-drums combination.

The difference being is that Calico favour a sprawling sound over neat minimalism. Each element of their music is layered in a way that certainly gives for a fresh and interesting sound, building from a simple base foundation into spacey soundscapes created by the ambient post-rock guitars, groovy bass lines, hypnotic keys and trumpets until they reach their satisfying peaks.

Their only downfall is a lack of diversity within the songwriting. It feels like each song follows a similar formula. Whilst the EP certainly shows their acutely polished sound, you’d like them to reach new avenues from song to song.

Calico have crafted a sound from an interesting combination of genres that makes for a very laid-back and euphoric experience that’s hard to not lose yourself in. Their songs build up in a way that makes you appreciate its sprawling journey and makes you want to take that ride again and again.

Rob Sayers @itsrobbb


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