unnamed-8Coming as their first release since 2009’s Be Good, Fightstar return with Behind The Devil’s Back, an album which they’ve really made worth the wait for fans.

Opening with ‘Sharp Tongue’, a track that has tantalising guitar riffs and haunting vocals from Charlie Simpson, Fightstar have established that they’re back and are a force to be reckoned with in the first 3 minutes alone. The way the band have made each track beautifully flow and interlink with one another is quite frankly astounding too. For example, the second track ‘Murder All Over’ is completely different from it’s predecessor but still flows perfectly with a hypnotic instrumental as the introduction. The same flowing motion follows suit throughout the whole of Behind The Devil’s Back which is what makes this album such a refreshing thing to listen too.

This record has also given Fightstar the space to showcase their already established talents and progression; Fightstar has become a well-oiled machine, successfully making all components work together. The guitar riffs and the intense beats on the drums works harmoniously with the vocals, the vocals work harmoniously with the prominent techno backing track and it all fits together perfectly in a nice 10 song package.

While Behind The Devil’s Back seems to include mainly astronomical choruses and space age techno, there is still a metal influence in the mix, this particularly coming through in ‘Titan’ where Simpson pulls some incredible screams out of the bag during the few intense breakdowns.

Overall, this album packs a punch with absolutely colossal choruses, beautiful instrumentals and perfect harmonies. Fightstar are clearly in their element with Behind The Devil’s Back and are set to make themselves a huge household name with this record.

Sam Taylor @thatsth3spirit


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