nothing-but-thieves-album-cover-1437136361Performing this summer live at Reading and Leeds festival, Nothing But Thieves left fans intrigued on what their debut album would bring.  

As the album begins, first song ‘Excuse Me’ shows incredible thumping drumbeats, numerous guitar chords strung and remarkable harmonies introduced, making it clear that these elements in the opening seconds are valuable.  

The band have openly admitted some songs would take thirty minutes to write whereas others would take four weeks. Each song tackles differing themes such as social problems, situations about family, depression and more. Tracks such as ‘Itch’ and ‘Ban All The Music’ are most recognisable songs upon the album, being used in adverts for Netflix and many more companies.  

The band has come a long way in the last year.  From doing small venues and releasing the odd single here and there to releasing a full debut album and performing on the festival circuit, Nothing But Thieves is becoming exceptional and it’s exciting to see what will happen for them next.

After leaving Southend-On-Sea after the struggles they had to creating a fan base, which is now growing bigger and bigger, you can’t help but want more from them. If you haven’t heard of the band, they’re certainly one worth paying vast attention too.

Josh Abraham 


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