image003Once you’ve appreciated Carousel’s profound energy that had unknowingly ushered you into a pop-punk reverie, it is then that it suddenly dawns how magnificently Speaking The King’s have crafted and settled for a sound that is wholly their own but comfortingly familiar in this new album.

Formed in Orange County, California during 2011, Speaking The King’s have merely had 4 years in which to refine their sound and only two albums into their career but Carousel should be nothing but highly appraised. The progression since amatuer album Here To Stay is vast, the band dropping their jarringly unsure sound. Formerly having trouble blending genres in the way they have fluidly achieved in Carousel, their once half-hearted genre stance and somewhat bipolar sound is an attribute of the past – Speaking The King’s now effortlessly collaborating the anthemic elements of pop-punk in songs such as ‘Caught in the Middle’ with some post-hardcore verses and breakdowns in tracks like ‘Worthless’.

Recording with Steve Evetts, a music producer previously working with the likes of Architects, Suicide Silence and Everytime I Die, has enabled Carousel to subtly adopt more hardcore qualities, reflected in  ‘The Way’, a track fiercely driven by profound post-hardcore growls. Alternatively, we have former A Day To Remember producer, songwriter and former guitarist Tom Denney’s contribution to their more pop-punk resonance, initially established in former album Here To Stay – a trait that they’ve luckily carried through with them.  

The manner in which Speaking The King’s have dusted themselves off and transformed their tone to such a standard since their previous album is commendable. Only four years into their career and they’ve presented the music world with a pop punk album that should be highly regarded. What further progression will bring is an exciting mystery to comprehend.

Ash Valentine @AshValentine7

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