Def Leppard – Dangerous

This is the sort of song that a sweaty 50-year-old bald man in a pub would describe as “real rock” despite not having given much new stuff a chance.

It’s got all the hallmarks of classic Def Leppard: a riff you can imagine was described as “rocking” at least ten times by the band during the recording, a guitar solo that you don’t necessarily remember but you know was probably there between the second chorus and the third chorus, a half-arsed “look at me” drum fill and some terrible lyrics about knobbing. It’s called ‘Dangerous’ for fuck’s sake, what did you expect?

Joe Gilbertson @PAST0DON


The Saddest Landscape – You Never Asked

Describing the song’s meaning as wanting to “get out there and chase dreams and if failure awaits dance heroically in the wreckage knowing I tried”, The Saddest Landscape‘s just-under-4-minute track opens with their distinct loose but focused post-hardcore.

Vocalist Andy Maddox is on top form, rabid but showing more control than on previous efforts which aids the rest of the track’s structure; a subtle build up and swell being introduced 70 seconds in, ending, and then an unrelenting 15 second barrage to close the intense but well calculated track.

Bill Waters @WillJMW13


Carrie Underwood – Renegade Runaway 

‘Renegade Runaway’ is the third single to be released from Carrie Underwood’s up and coming album Storyteller due for release on October 23.

Though extremely catchy, it differs greatly to the slow, ballad-like tunes she’s put out so far; taking a more extreme approach to keeping with her country roots.

‘Renegade Runaway’ has strong Wild West like beats that would seem better suited to an action scene in a Western movie rather than being part of a country-pop album.

Catherine Owen @catthetwatblog


Courtney Barnett – Boxing Day Blues (Revisited)

‘Boxing Day Blues’ closed out Courtney Barnett’s brilliant debut record Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit, a song about the story of a dying relationship put into a melodic canvas that moved away from the rockier hooks on the rest of the LP.

Barnett has revisited ‘Boxing Day Blues’, however with the help of White Stripes legend Jack White, who produced the track and influence is obvious, the track getting a more upbeat and country like style. The anger of the lyrics works perfectly with the jauntiness of the new style.

Callum McCormack @McCormackCallum


Simple Plan (feat. Nelly) – I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed

Simple Plan released their new comeback summer track ‘I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed’ about two months too late. These pop punk veterans have disappointed a lot of fans with this commercialised substandard track.

The choice of collaboration is also unusual with Nelly being better known for his collaborations with artists such as Kelly Rowland. Simple Plan on the other hand are recognised for their edgy high school pop punk but the two have come together to create the most unmemorable below average summer tune.

Éimer Harper @pxxris


Dan Croll – One Of Us

“Heard you can’t beat the rush/Give in and be one of us” is the soft declaration introducing Dan Croll’s latest single. After Sweet Disarray showcased a compilation of melodic toe-tapping tracks, Croll has smashed the status quo and produced a curious offering of quasi-dance-rock (if you can imagine such a thing).

The irregular beats and peculiar sci-fi effects on ‘One Of Us’ could make Croll’s own mother question whether it was his music, that’s not to say it’s a disappointment though. The heavier electric feel is a testament to the potential experimental genius of the coming album.

Rupert Taylor @0UTATIM3


Electric Light Orchestra – When The Night Comes

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Words Jeff Lynne must live his musical life by. ‘When The Night Comes’ has all the ingredients one can come to expect from an ELO classic, which to some is the reason they keep coming back for more but contains a lack creative ambition.

Lynne delivers a calmingly, hot water bottle feel vocal with one of the most recognisable voices in the business but teamed with a disappointingly dampened orchestra and trademark synthesizers, the song peters out to a dull finish leaving a drastically unoriginal.

Andrew Shelley @A_Shelley11


Jack Garratt – Breathe Life

London based multi-instrumentalist Jack Garratt has released new single ‘Breathe Life’ and it’s made people very happy, combining electric guitar, drums, keyboards and insane harmonies.

Completing festivals and gigs across the country over the last year has led him to become bigger and bigger.  After announcing on Instagram about his new single and a debut album on iTunes, the Internet has gone wild.  The one-man band has returned after two EPs and the release of this single has got fans ecstatic.

Josh Abraham


Little Mix – Weird People

After the announcement of their new album Get Weird, reality TV produced girl band Little Mix have released a new song ‘Weird People’.

This generically upbeat track will surely get its fair share of airtime on the radio with a very High School Musical-esque feel and a catchy chorus.

With underlying “girl power” lyrics promoting self confidence and the need to love who you are, ‘Weird People’ is sure to be a success within the mainstream music industry.

Becca Moore @beccamoore_


Emmi – 60 Minutes

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Nina Simone right through to Eminem, Perth born popstar Emmi has an eye for capturing stories, whether they be real or fantasy.

This particular track was proposed as a challenge to write an entire song in sixty minutes of studio downtime (hence its title). Don’t let that dim your expectations however, as the result is a window into a troubled tale of secrecy and unrequited love, embedded in an ethereal yet easy to swallow pop song; a song that even had Taylor Swift singing (or tweeting) her praises. 

Jordan Low @_JordanLow


The Wholls – X21

With their debut single ‘X21’, indie-pop band The Wholls are the one to look out for this autumn.

Blunt guitar chords and an easily recognised unique voice give the feel that they take inspiration from fellow indie band Arctic Monkeys. But make no mistake in thinking that they aren’t their own band, as with a relatively upbeat backing track and persuasive catchy chorus, it’s definitely a sound you’ll find yourself singing or humming along to for a long time coming.

Elisha Cloughton @elishacloughton


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