ki_st-1178-66620115This Friday evening (16/10/2015) saw American hip-hop artist Kid Ink perform at the O2 Guildhall in Southampton. Along with him, he brought Pia Mia as well as three other rappers from his label. Gathering together to watch, scream at and Snapchat these artists appeared to be every single teenage girl that didn’t get a chance to go to Wireless Festival.

The lights dimmed and with no introductions, each of Kid Ink’s posse performed separately and equally as terribly as each other. The main support act, Pia Mia, serenaded the audience with a lullaby medley of Drake and Fetty Wap hits, although the rest of her performance was dismally mind numbing. Between these acts entertaining the crowd was a DJ, who at times could probably have stolen the show simply through his remixes of hip-hop club bangers.The crowd seemed rather tired by the end of the support act performances, although this may not come as a surprise considering it was probably way past 90% of their bedtimes.

Kid Ink appeared upon on stage sporting a black-tee, gold chains and red head attire. Performing a range of material from his new album Full Speed as well as older tracks such as ‘Sunset’ and ‘Hell & Back’. Halfway through his set, Kid Ink asked the audience to put their lighters up before bringing the DJ back onstage with him. Closing with the obvious ‘Main Chick’, followed by ‘Be Real,’ most fans watched the performance through Snapchat videos being recorded in front of them.

Unless you’re a dedicated fan of Kid Ink with enough tolerance to put up with his appalling support acts, or you really want to be pushed around by his fanbase of teenage girls, you’re better off saving your money and purchasing a ticket to see him solely at Wireless Festival.

Sarah El-saeidy @saraahwrites

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