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After appearing as a guest producer on Beats1 Radio, Charli XCX revealed her new single, ‘Vroom Vroom’ which features collaboration with producer SOPHIE.

The UK producer gave a quick preview of the track during a set back in March. After a six-month wait, Charli has promised it will be on her new album and commented that she is currently working with Rihanna and compared her new album to Paris Hilton’s music.

She told The Mirror: “I’ve been really inspired by Paris Hilton, small dogs and a glitter, luxe lifestyle, I’ve never met Paris before, but we were both at the amFAR Gala during the Cannes Film Festival this year. I was performing and I saw her singing along to my song and I freaked out. I’m such a fan and one of my favourite songs ever is ‘Stars Are Blind’ – it’s pop genius”.

When asked about working with Rihanna, she commented by saying, “I’m a big Rihanna fan and I think she’s such an incredible artist, I’ve actually been to a couple of writing sessions for Rihanna’s new record. It was really fun to put together a couple of tracks.”


Josh Abraham

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