Photo: Grave Pleasures’ Facebook

Under the new name and change of band members Beatsmilk have recreated themselves as Grave Pleasures. The band have gravitated rock-esque sounds, not far dissimilar from what Beatsmilk were known for prior. Joining them in their new journey is Linnéa Olsson, formerly of The Oath. Olsson collaboratively writes the songs alongside lead singer Matt “Kvohst” McNerney.  

The Finnish band performed their penultimate show, following a 32 date European tour at Southampton’s leading small music venue The Joiners. A bitter atmosphere was captivating, with an apprehensive audience unsure what to expect from the new reformation. As the group evoked the gig with their first song from their new album Utopian Scream, the audience’s initial views were opposed by the introduction of tribal drums and trembling bass rhythms which indoctrinated peace of mind. Olsson’s presence and compulsive head banging invited us, joining her were rows of bouncing long hair and energetic arm movements.

The vocal performance was engaging, Matt McNerney brought raw emotion and sincerity to the show especially in the likes of ‘Crying Wolves’ and ‘Girl In a Vortex’. The tracks on their new album Dreamcrash are reminiscent of a post-punk rock era. Robert Smith could be pictured on stage, reflecting the passive aggressive nature that both personalities illustrate, that of “rock god” behaviour. Although in person, McNerney was extremely down to earth and a genuine character.

Grave Pleasures were outstanding to watch and experience live – if you can wait until their tour next year. If you are a fan of Beatsmilk, they played several classic songs for you to enjoy. All types of people can appreciate their set, from the post-punk fans that appeal to electronic-rock music, or the fans of heavy metal that can relate to a darker ambience they exemplify.

Paige Loyden @ployden

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