Picture: Travis Barker Facebook.

On September 19th 2008 Travis Barker was amongst six people on a Lear jet plane which crashed shortly after take-off in South Carolina. Barker and DJ Adam Goldstein were the only survivors of the crash, but both suffered extreme burns. Adam Goldstein later died on August 28th 2009 of Drug Overdose, making Travis the only survivor.

Six years on, Barker spoke out in an interview on Good Morning America about the crash and how it affected his life. The burns covered 65% of his body and he had to stay in hospital over four months and underwent twenty seven operations. He also appeared on ABC news where he spoke about wanting to pay his friends one million dollars to take his life. “I would call friends of mine and go, ‘You know I’ll deposit one million dollars into whoever’s bank account’ (hospital staff) had to take my phone out of my room.”

He credits his children for saving his life. Ever since the crash Barker has never boarded a plane but has said to his children “When you’re ready to fly, I’m ready to fly.”

Éimer Harper

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