825914f248473285284d18a0a3e2ef22e0f508a4Less than 2 months have passed since the release of UK top 20 album Depression Cherry from Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House. Announced on Twitter nine days ahead of its release, sixth album Thank Your Lucky Stars comes under the ‘surprise release’ heading, the increasingly popular method of distribution nowadays.

The collection only clocks in at nine songs long but don’t be fooled, some of these feel like a dragging listen when songs like ‘Elegy to the Void’ rack up nearly seven minutes of time.  

The album’s dark tones and subject manner make for, at times, a depressing listen but there are a couple of highlights along the way that deserve time. Being the third track, ‘All Your Yeahs’ feels like the album’s rather delayed start. Beautifully acoustic in its first half along with a ambient build up to a minimal beat, the track is reminiscent of The Eels. ‘Common Girls’ also stands out for its folky, Celtic synths laden over a snare effect as Victoria Legrand laments about the pitfalls of a jobbing actress.

The lyrics at times are frustrating in their cryptic and metaphorical execution, at times coming off as pretentious and a little try hard. On ‘She’s So Lovely’, lyrics like “Baby pink lavender/Leather white umbrella sinner” set over an already dreary, dusty beat leave a bad taste as you’re scratching your head at its hidden meaning.

By the time the album’s closer ‘Somewhere Tonight’ comes around, the whole experience of the warm tones, chilly sentiments and Lana Del Rey vocals leaves the desire put on something a little more upbeat and easier to digest. It’s not all doom and gloom here though but there’s a definite need to be ‘in the mood’ for it.

George Mcloughlin @gjmusic86


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