DMA'S - 1

The Australian three-piece band DMA’S, now joined by an extra two backing guitarists, take to the legendary stage of The Joiners as if bumping into a rival gang. Wearing worn down caps with over sized cream Harrington jackets; it’s like looking at Oasis after arguing with their manager about wearing what they want.

A group of fans push to the front of the crowd as the band start with their song ‘Feels Like’, lead singer Tommy effortlessly encourages the crowd to sing every word back to the band.

The melodic song ‘Too Soon’ from their upcoming EP is played next, teasing the crowd of what’s to come in the near future. Their latest release ‘Lay Down’ gets the crowd geared up and Tommy experiments more with his tambourine.

DMA’S seem to be one of the nearest bands to a nineties Stone Roses around at the moment, the Ian Brown dancing combined with the Gallagher brothers sneering vocals give hope to all fans latching on to the Britpop era.

The band’s most sing-along song ‘Delete’ unites the (now quite drunk) crowd and as Johnny’s acoustic skills are shown off, it becomes apparent as to why this track was the one to land them a place with their label I Oh You.

It comes to a shock knowing that Tommy’s voice was accidently discovered during a rehearsal for Took and O’Dell’s first band “Underlights”, as he stands on stage singing with what appears to be not a twang of nervousness.

Last is another new song ‘Play It Out’, with loud riffs combined with the band’s passionate stage presence, it’s safe to say DMA’S have smashed their first gig of the UK tour and have gained a new set of fans. The band has brought their buzzing atmosphere all the way from Sydney and the UK is loving it.

Ruby Munslow @rubyymunslow

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