1500x1500srBlack Tide’s latest album release Chasing Shadows delivers a raw yet exhilarating package of uplifting vocals, high speed tempos and guitar solos of a Bullet For My Valentine style technicality. Think Pierce The Veil melodies combined with a heavy dose of thrash.

Starting with a theatrical introduction, somewhat a little unnecessary, the album steadily releases into the first track ‘Guidelines’, acting as an impressive kick start with powerful thrashing guitar riffs and racing tempos. Gabriel Garcia, bassist and vocalist, guides you along hand in hand through this first track, showcasing his warm and powerful vocals with motivational lyrics from the chorus “I live my life with no guidelines”.

Sixth track ‘Chasing Shadows’ defends the album’s title strongly, offering tight and hard hitting drum sections and a soul crunching break down. Beginning with a dark, ‘question and answer’ guitar riff and punching thumps from the bass drum, the song develops and flows effortlessly from one section to the next, going full circuit through tantalising guitar solos and finally finishing back on the drum punches combined with the eerie guitar riff heard at the beginning.

A certain low point of the album is the ballad styled track ‘Heaven’. The melody as a whole is remarkably weak and combined with a Spanish sounding acoustic guitar, it altogether sounds slightly cheesy.

Luckily the disappointment is soon forgotten and is certainly made up for with final track ‘The Promised Land’, being a song you can imagine fans going crazy for, belting out at the top of their lungs at any live show.

All in all, Chasing Shadows is an album of mostly consistent quality with a large, uplifting sound and most importantly monstrous guitar solos.

Lizzie Capewell @lizziecapewell


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