Neon-Indian_Vega-intl-night-school_coverNeon Indian have delivered a groovy alternative to electronic music with 80s synthpop third album VEGA INTL. Night School.

Having released ‘Annie’, ‘Slumlord’ and ‘The Glitzy Hive’, these gave an insight into the sound of the album’s groovy bass lines, catchy lyrics and synth sounds, enticing you into what the album offers.

‘SMUT!’ for the first 10 seconds sounds like alt-J’s ‘Guitar’, the second interlude on their debut An Awesome Wave, with the bass slowly building volume, the synth line dropping in and slowly vocals that scream a resemblance to Vampire Weekend’s lead man Ezra Koenig are brought in to complete the ensemble. Building up to the finish is what can make or break a song and Palomo knows how to do this extremely well, stripping away the bass and synth and having a riff replace everything.

Ska is never normally associated with electronic music but ‘61 Cygni Ave’ has some definite influences from the genre,  just missing aspects such as horns and a slightly quicker tempo which would turn the track into a electro-ska fusion. Opening with the rhythm from the bass and keys which have a very reggae sound, these set the agenda for the rest of the song.

VEGA INTL. Night School is the perfect mix of groovy bass, catchy lyrics and synth that makes you want to get up and dance . In a club or a venue, this album will take you on a synthpop journey to the 80s.

Matt Smith @MatthewJamesSmi


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