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Adele – Hello

After a four year break that seemed to last a lifetime, Adele has finally released her new single ‘Hello’.

Racking up over 69 million views on YouTube in just three days, the song has already taken the world by storm. With just a mellow piano playing behind powerful, unmistakable vocals, you can’t help but get lost in the music.

Adele lets us know that she hasn’t lost the talent of writing slow, meaningful ballads, singing: “Hello from the other side/I must have called a thousand times”. This is only the beginning of what could be the biggest selling album of 2015.

Elisha Cloughton @elishacloughton


CeeLo Green – Mother May I 

Producing quite a soulful track, CeeLo Green has got people’s feet tapping as he returns with his usual R&B/soul music.

Introducing backing vocals, various instruments and an obsessive beat, it’s fairly hard not to love this track.  This latest track is one of many that have been released as singles, which come off his future album that is due to drop November 6th.

You can’t help but want more from his soulful voice, as many will find themselves listening to this unbelievable track.  

Josh Abraham


Anthrax – Evil Twin

Call it a risky thing to say but Anthrax are perhaps the only thrash metal band of the 80s that is still churning out material relative to their peak. Their last album Worship Music was a critically acclaimed affair, with the return of vocalist Joey Belladonna at the helm.  

‘Evil Twin’ keeps the fist pumping and galloping riffs of the band’s heyday alive, even if the vocals verge a little towards being overproduced. Climaxing in a claustrophobic guitar solo à la Slayer, ‘Evil Twin’ is proof that there is life in the old dog yet.

Jack Webb @A_Double_Jack


Savages – The Answer

As their first single from their upcoming album Adore Life, Savages have pushed their way into the scene.

‘The Answer’ starts off with an awesome grungy guitar riff and melodic vocals; however it becomes repetitive and dreary within seconds. Jehnny Beth’s vocals become more irritating the longer the song goes on.
As a post-punk band, Savage’s songs are too long and average. ‘The Answer’ is not a song that needs ranting and raving about.

Jamie O’Melia @OffToHemel 


Ellie Goulding – Lost and Found

After the great success of ‘Love Me Like You Do’, Ellie Goulding had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately she did not triumph.

With a constant repetitive melody and a chorus wetter than Seaworld, this track, safe to say, is not one of her best and not something to be proud of.

If you’re 13 years old and into cringy pop about a “cherry sky” and “blossom clouds”, Lost and Found is surely for you.

Goulding is releasing her new album on the 6th of November and will hopefully attempt to redeem herself with some of the other songs.

Becca Moore @beccamoore_


Oneohtrix Point Never – Mutant Standard

With a fast moving synth sound that repeats itself for a good majority of the track, ‘Mutant Standard’ takes a good few minutes to actually start sounding like something. However, when the rest of the layers kick in, it’s sadly a disappointing result, and the track seems very randomly put together.

A lot of the sounds used throughout clash and create a very odd combination of different noises.  Lasting a tedious 8 minutes, this track jumps between a lot of different beats and stylistic techniques and results in something that’s very uncomfortable to listen to.

Phoebe Randall @pheebsok


Gwen Stefani – Used To Love You

Gwen Stefani is back with the ballad ‘Used To Love You’. This track is the first release since the her divorce and it is clear the emotions are still raw, fuelled by passion and heartbreak.

The emotions are apparent in Stefani’s vocals in the way she hauntingly croons through the main verses and the explosion of passion in the chorus where her pitch and tone dramatically increases, displaying Stefani’s outstanding vocal talents.

However, ‘Used To Love You’ is severely let down by backing track, the cringey beat and synthetic melody takes away the emotional nature of the track.

Sam Taylor @thatsth3spirit


Clean Cut Kid – Jean

With an intro that sounds more like a children’s TV show theme song alongside its overly repetitive chorus, this latest release from Clean Cut Kid sets itself up for disaster.

The reflective lyrics revolving heavily around love and matters of the heart leave you with a feeling of nostalgia and emptiness for no apparent reason and at first seem ill-suited to the electronic-indie sound.
However, this track is definitely the type to grow on you and get stuck in your head for hours on end.  

Catherine Owen @catthetwatblog


ZHU x Skrillex x THEY. – Working for It

As the finale to his collaborative ‘Generation Series’, ZHU has been building both fan and industry anticipation for a full-length release all year round. Working with the likes of AlunaGeorge and A-Trak, the San Franciscan now teams up with Skrillex and LA-duo THEY.

This collaboration is certainly the most worthwhile of the lot, with each artist adding their distinctive twist on a filthy, bass-laced whopper of a track.

‘Work for It’ is a welcomed change of pace for ZHU who kicks off the track with signature lullaby falsetto. As it progresses, the track winds up with a little more grit in its teeth and doesn’t leave much to be desired, though you have to wonder how much of that is thanks to an in-form Skrillex.

Jordan Low @_JordanLow


Panic! At The Disco – Emperor’s New Clothes

After the announcement of their new album Death of a Bachelor for release in January 2016, Panic! At the Disco have released another great taster track ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’.

The band are known for genre hopping – every album being completely different from the last but with this song they incorporate elements from almost every album and create something really special. The song is a lot darker than previous releases, which is expected with the recent departure of founding member Spencer Smith.

This is an unforgettable track leaving high expectations for the album to come.

Éimer Harper @pxxris


Justin Bieber – Sorry

Carrying on with the electronic heavy basis for the new record, already laid out with his feature in Jack Ü’s (Skrillex and Diplo) track ‘Where Are Ü Now?’, and debut single ‘What Do You Mean?’, ‘Sorry’ sees the electronics take a more subtle approach, with muted and soft chords echoing Bieber‘s almost spoken vocals.

These both open up for the chorus, with maximalist trumpets backing high end melodies, flourishing alongside simple percussion – all adding to the track without overdoing it. Bieber’s new electronic focus does a great job of complimenting his vocals, and the new record is gonna be good if what he’s shown is anything to go by.

Bill Waters @WillJMW13


Snakehips (feat. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper) – All My Friends

Renowned R&B favourites Tinashe and Chance The Rapper grace Snakehips’ new subdued track ‘All My Friends’.  The London duo have crafted a mellow track with an innovative concept – the bitter-sweet feeling of the party scene.

Tinashe describes herself as the “only human in the heaving heat of the animals” in the first verse. The psychedelic mood makes the track outrageously tangible, making you immediately envision a dizzy club scene.

Tinashe and Chance The Rapper come together for the catchy chorus, exclaiming “All my friends are wasted and I hate this club…” in company with the occasional shimmering base. The feel-good anthem is sure to contradict itself by being played in the majority of most clubs in the near future.

Sian Wilson @sianwilsonn_


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