Photo: Ozzy Osbourne’s Facebook

Guitarist Billy Morrison has featured Ozzy Osbourne to give his vocal support on the track ‘Gods’ on his latest album God Shaped Hole.

The new album features five original tracks and five covers. ‘Gods’  itself holds a strong piano melody throughout and expresses the long and personal relationship between both Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Morrison.

He told Yahoo music: “I have never asked Ozzy for anything, which is probably why I’m one of his closest friends. I see him all the time and we text each other every day.”

He then went on to explain that he hadn’t texted Ozzy in a few days, and when Osbourne questioned where he was, Morrison said how he was working on his solo album and Ozzy simply replied with: “Well I want to sing a song on your record.”

Commenting on the covers that are on the record Billy Morrison stated that: “The covers are not huge hits, and most are by bands that never received the recognition they deserved”

God Shaped Hole is available now.

Lauryn Plummer @WakingThePlague

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