Picture: Beastie Boys Facebook.

The production follows the international hip-hop stars from their teenage punk years up to their stardom.

Licensed to Ill follows the members Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock through the history of hip-hop, as well as giving an insight into their own personal history, with a combination of live music, DJing with rapping, physical comedy and puppetry,

Artistic directors Simon Maeder and Adam El Hagar said “The Beastie Boys’ story sheds light on many issues still raising hackles: racism towards and within rap; misogyny; battle for hip-hop’s soul, between those using it for protest and for profit.”

The creators have been working the musical comedy duos Abandoman and the Rubberbandits to produce the show.

Maeder and El Hagar continued “This loud, crazy show does the music theatre what hip-hop did to tracksuits: make them cool.”

The production runs from November 23 to December 12 at Camden People’s Theatre.

Matt Smith

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