maserati-rehumanizerDescribed as a band who fully embrace technology as a songwriting tool and that their latest album would take more risks than ever, it was no secret what was expected on Maserati’s latest release Rehumanizer.

Laser like synths, Kraftwerk style beats and electro experimentations breach from every speaker possible, forming a pleasantly surprising post-rock mixture that complements the atmospheric space-age sound these guys have in an abundance.

With just six songs on the album, there can always be unnecessary pressure on those to deliver but with an album that was recorded, mixed and produced by the band themselves, there is a burning passion throughout.

‘No Cave’ rightly deserves it’s place as the album opener. A ten minute track which introduces its outline in a three minute introduction, it more than establishes the mood and theme of the piece and album, building up to the sonic experimentation that the band pursue. As it blitzes further into life, they create a classic War On Drugs sound which evolves the track in a way you wouldn’t think natural. But good God it works.

‘End Of Man’, which fights it out with ‘Rehumanizer I’ for best track on the album, has a sumptuous blend of a St. Vincent intro with signature Maserati wizardry. When a song goes through so many musical changes in just four minutes, and doesn’t feel rushed and clammy, you know you’re on to a winner.

Flowing with a sleek yet cagey vibe, all you can do is crank Rehumanizer up to the max and be prepared to be taken on a space age journey, where you will not come back as the person you once knew and loved.

Andrew Shelley @A_Shelley11


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