JoannaNewsom_Divers_MiniJoanna Newsom once again displays her intriguing vocals and interesting choice of instruments to produce a gripping album.  The singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Nevada City, California has captured the hearts of many listeners with tracks such as ‘Leaving The City’ and ‘The Things I Say’ that leave goosebumps upon you.

Her voice, which is unusual but has a pure sound, has intrigued many, leading people to ask: “why has it taken her so long to produce music again?”. Newsom’s last album, Have One on Me, was released in 2010 but within the five years since then she’s had involvement in several events and projects, such as contributing her vocals to the theme song of The Muppets and appearing on albums by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, meaning she truly never had been away.

Starting piano lessons at such a young age and after several years deciding to switch to the harp, it’s no surprise this two instruments make an appearance on the record, either solo or together. Newsom combines her harmonies with these instruments, including captivating piano solo’s which catch you off guard.  

Newsom’s passion for songwriting has come out within this interesting  but also exciting album with contributions from Steve Albini, Nico Muhly and Dave Longstreth, providing an unusual but fascinating and captivating style of music.   

Josh Abraham


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